These tips can help you and your team use Slack effectively

Slack has been a lifesaver for all companies that have traditionally had problems with communication within the company (which is mostly all of them)! It allows companies to bypass their old, clunky intranet services and opt for a much sleeker and far easier to use solution that everyone can get on board with. This post will explore a few tips that your team can use to get the most out of this fantastic tool.

Integrate with other tools to streamline workflows

While Slack is undoubtedly a fantastic piece of software, you can dramatically increase its functionality by integrating with other relevant systems. For example, Slack and Clerk Chat team solutions allow you to integrate your Slack system with your employees’ phones, ensuring that they can see messages on different platforms. This can be especially useful if you use multiple methods to communicate, but want them all to be accessed from one consolidated location.

Update your status so your team knows when you’re available

One of Slack’s primary strengths is its ability to be used similarly to social media and other messaging apps. This makes it useful when onboarding new staff as the learning curve can be very small. One aspect that makes it so has to do with using status updates to let others know when you’re away or when you’re available.

The status can even be set at a very detailed level, such as when you are eating lunch or taking a break. This ensures everyone is on the same page and no time is wasted bothering someone when they can’t answer.

Use channels and threads to organize conversations

If your organization is large enough to have different departments, you will know how much pinging everyone in the company is when you only need to contact a specific team. Slack has a feature that allows you to split up different teams and departments so you don’t have to bother those who aren’t involved in the cheating topic.

For example, you might want to send a department-wide message to your accounting team about using a new accounting system, etc. This message should not be sent to other departments as they will waste their time reading a message that is not intended for them.

Adjust your notification settings so you don’t get overwhelmed

Employees may soon become overworked and they suffer from message fatigue if they are constantly bombarded with messages. Not only can this cause problems with your team, but constantly replying to messages is very unproductive. Slack allows you and our team to set up notification preferences to receive them through various channels, usually via email or the Slack interface.

Use Slack’s search feature to quickly find important messages

One of the main drawbacks of using consumer-based tools like WhatsApp or Messenger is that message threads tend to become clogged with information that becomes increasingly difficult to locate. Slack does advanced search function which you can set to filter a range of messages, such as those with attachments, channels, files, individuals, and more. This can be a serious time saver when searching for information.

Slack is already a valuable solution in the productivity battle, but you can improve it dramatically by following a few simple tips. From its integration with other systems to using the advanced search function, you’ll quickly become a no-brainer after just a few hours of practice!

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