Teachers’ association on the education summit: “Money alone does not make lessons”

Federal Education Minister Bettina Stark-Watzinger (FDP) has invited to the education summit for Tuesday and Wednesday in Berlin. There is harsh criticism, especially from Union politicians from the federal states. 14 out of 16 ministers from other parties are demonstratively staying away from the summit.

This is “at best a kick-off for a very strongly participatory educational discussion throughout Germany,” says the President of the Teachers’ Association BLLV, Simone Fleischmann. It was a “real indictment of education policy” if the weakest were to fall further behind. In view of the shortage of skilled workers, the almost 50,000 school dropouts per year can no longer be afforded. You have to change the system. It’s no longer about analysis, but about how problems can be solved. “It takes doers to get involved.” More and more money is not the solution, but it is the prerequisite for change: “Without money, nothing works.” But: “Money doesn’t buy lessons.”

The article about the military report can be found here.

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