Outsourcing of customer support using the “Helpware” call center

Constant contact with the client is a key aspect of successful business. It is hard to imagine a modern service industry without customer support outsourcing. This is the key to the development of the company, its existence on the market.

Organizing your own call center is a real but difficult task. The economic component of the idea comes to the fore. The costs of starting your own center, even with the smallest scope of the project, are significantly high.

An alternative solution is becoming increasingly popular – outsourcing. The advantages of a call center that works on this principle are several features:

  • the client company receives a complete line of support and services;
  • the direction of the call center can be changed at any time, without wasting time and money.
  • Isn’t that a great business solution? And we are ready to provide it!

The company Contact Service specializes in providing customer support outsourcing for businesses of any size and direction. A list of those who have used our solutions includes:

  • IT companies;
  • financial institutions;
  • insurance companies;
  • state structures;
  • producers of goods;
  • transport and logistics companies.

We are ready to implement the most non-standard projects.

Outsourcing customer support from a call center – is it profitable?

This point is of interest to companies that have not yet decided how to stay in touch with customers. When ordering an outsourcing service, the client is relieved of part of the burden. From this moment on, the function of outsourcing customer support is taken over by the call center.

Now the customer will be able to process an order of magnitude more requests from their consumers. At the same time, there is no need to maintain a staff of technical staff, and call processing will be handled by experts.

The result of this approach is tangible savings in the company’s budget. Judge for yourself: you don’t need to buy special equipment, allocate separate lines and hire a permanent call servicing team. The entire scope of this work is taken over by the call center.

How customer support outsourcing works

There are many schemes to implement. The practice of our company shows that the most optimal variant of outsourcing customer support looks like this:

A client of a client company contacts outsourcing customer support. The options can be different: by phone, through the e-mail system or a special service.

Call center specialists register the application in the database, specifying the details of the complaint. At the same time, the consultant helps the client to solve the problem. If the competence of the on-site specialist is not sufficient, the user is connected with an employee of the customer’s company.

The technical staff processes the received application on the spot.

The majority of calls have standard problem solutions. The employees of the customer’s company are relieved of a large number of such applications and thus perform their main work.

Organizational stages of customer support outsourcing

The first step to successfully implementing support is to gather information about user activities and find the best direction for development. We talk with the customer about every little thing that can be important for the successful servicing of client requests. It turns out that the target audience is consumers of services, their approximate volume.

Based on the data, optimal working conditions are set when each client can receive outsourcing of customer support at the appropriate level.

Customer support outsourcing services

The services we offer can be divided into three broad areas. This:

Consulting – help in using the products of the customer’s company.

Remote problem solving – Based on the data collected from the client, call center employees solve the problem that has arisen with advice, clearly structured steps, etc.

Processing of incoming applications, their analysis and creation of a database. Collected information is regularly transmitted to the customer.

Lines for outsourcing customer support – The first line refers to the structure of the entire call center. His task is to identify the user and his problem. This level is often associated with a filter, as it sorts the flows to the service line. More complex situations are evaluated and belong to highly specialized employees.

Benefits of Helpware

During our work on the market of outsourcing services, we have developed our own strategy of providing quality services. Why choose “Helpware”:

  • ready operator base of trained specialists;
  • a personal manager for the customer, ready to solve all problems in the shortest possible time;
  • careful protection of personal data;
  • full confidentiality of cooperation;
  • redundancy of main communication lines;
  • uninterrupted power supply to the call center;
  • maximum attention to each customer;
  • realization of the most complex projects;
  • optimal ratio of price and quality of services.

Several thousand successfully implemented projects is a number we are proud of. Entrust your work to the best!

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