Marchello, the jeweler in the New York jewelry scene

Mark Zavulunov, better known as Marchello, the jewelerwas born in Tajikistan, started in the jewelry business 29 years agohelping his parents on weekends as a student. He studied and finished Gemology school being the best in the class, dedicating his talents ever since to design high quality diamond jewelry and watches.

Marchello’s success in the jewelry industry not only makes it the most popular product in Queens, New York, but almost all over the world! Extremely rare and limited Marchello pieces are recognized by industry celebrities including Floyd “Money” Mayweather, DJ Khaled, 50 Cent, Trey Songz, Chris Brown, Fabolous, LL Cool J, Ja Rule, Lil Kim, Beenie Man, Elephant Man and Movado.

It is so sought after to the point that Mr. Vegas, one of the greatest reggae musicians, she only gets her jewelry from Marchello whenever she’s in New York. It has even tapped into the sports market with many athletes from the NBA, NFL, professional soccer leagues, and NHL.

Basketball has Michael Jordan, football has Tom Brady, music has Michael Jackson and the jewelry industry has Marchellowho caught people’s attention by informing consumers about the importance of diamondsin which Marchello is praised by industry experts as an expert in embellishing premium luxury ornaments, making him one of the most sought after jewelers.

Marcello has a personality that shines brighter than the pieces he curates, who assures that “Staying for so long in an industry that requires great care in the decorations used to select pieces that make my clients happy is a blessing from God.” ”.

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