Luxurious gold and silver jewelry belonging to the guerrilla will be auctioned by Colombia

a few tens of Gold and silver jewelry that was in the possession of the extinct guerrilla Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia (FARC) will be auctioned on Thursday by a state body that manages assets seized for crimes.

The virtual auction offers Cartier-type chains, gold bracelets, chandelier with a “Christ split in half”, a pendant in the shape of a cross with white zircon-type stones in yellow gold, rings and earrings.

In total there are 69 pieces that They have prices ranging from 428 to 55 thousand 140 dollars (about 8 thousand 300 to one million 57 thousand pesos) in an open auction in which Colombians and foreigners can participate.

The Colombian State aspires to collect at least 121,000 dollars (out of the 2 million pesos) destined to repair the victims of the armed conflict in which the FARC participated for five decades before signing peace with the State in 2016.

In 2020 the State auctioned more than 197 thousand 200 grams of fine gold that delivered the extinct guerrilla Since they handed over their weapons they have also supplied cash and goods.

The economic and symbolic reparation for the victims of the FARC It is one of the constant requests of critics of the peace agreement who usually allege that the extinct guerrilla had more valuable belongings than those that have been shown to be the product of illicit businesses such as drug trafficking and kidnappings.

The Truth Commission, an extrajudicial body that helped clarify what happened in the conflict, concluded after years of investigations that the FARC was responsible for the disappearance of 24,400 people, the kidnapping of another 20,200 and the forced recruitment of 12 thousand.

On Friday, the Special Assets Society -which is in charge of managing the seized assets- will auction 1,900 furniture and belongings of the former FARC that include medical elementsdental and clothing, among others.

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