“Joyalacta” a memory materialized with breast milk, silver and steel

As a memory of one of the most important stages for women who are mothers, and in turn to promote breastfeeding, the “Joyalacta” project arose, which consists of the jewelry manufacturing, based on breast milk and materials such as silver and stainless steel.

This project emerged in 2017as a different offer for the Valley of Toluca and little by little it has managed to consolidate, even reaching other states of the Mexican Republic and crossing borders, cheering up moms in cities like New York. Natalia Gonzalez Martinezwho is currently behind “Joyalacta”, began this project, first as a collaborator, since her teacher Victoria Molina was the founder.

“I was a student in Industrial Design when I met her, she was a teacher in the career, little by little we have created this relationship, which went beyond being my boss, since little by little we became friends.”

Thus, in 2019, Natalia became the head of this project and is currently in charge of fulfilling orders, collecting breast milk, making jewelry, deliveries, as well as marketing and inventory, managing to position herself as one of the few options of this type in the Valley of Toluca and even in the State of Mexico.

"The pieces of ´Joyalacta´ only need an ounce of breast milk" |  Tanya Contreras.

“Every time I had to make a piece of jewelry it was very interesting, because it filled me with emotion, I went and felt happy all day, because they are usually done in the morning. Whenever I could handle the milk, transform it, shape it and be able to see it finished and see the whole process, it really made me very happy”.

How are they made?

The process requires at least four weeks, after delivery or arrival of breast milkGenerally, her clients know her work through social networks or through the recommendation of other mothers; once they contact her, she shows them the catalogue.

After the interested parties choose the models they like, the delivery of the “raw material” is agreed. As breast milk that is used does not have a food use, it can be shipped or delivered in a sample jar that is acquired in any pharmacy, must be made of plastic material to reduce the risks during transport and Another option is milk sample bags.

"Milk for jewelry can be transported in jars" |  Tanya Contreras.

“In the case of mothers who are from other states, what we recommend is that they send it in a milk sample bag, inside another resealable bag, because later due to pressure or heat the bag may open , is our suggestion to prevent spills”.

How much milk do they occupy?

The amount required to make these parts is only one ounce; once Natalia already has this material, she gets to work, for this it is refrigerated, since the milk goes through different processes to preserve natural fat, which is what is most used; after work begins with different resins to be able to give the hardness and resistance that is necessary for the pieces of jewelry, which can have different shapes; one of the most requested are the hearts.

"pieces of milk and silver" |  Tanya Contreras.

For the most part, these figures are placed on pieces of silverso that the contrast of materials is perceived, although stainless steel can also be used.


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