Jewelers expect a 15% increase in sales for the holidays

With Christmas just around the corner, the Mexican jewelry expects an increase of up to 15 percent in sales for Christmas season gifts and recover what was lost during the pandemic, commented Álvaro Azpeitia Covarrubias, president of the Jalisco Chamber of Jewelry.

In interview with MILLENNIUMthe representative of the sector explained that another element that encourages this projection is the last Expo Joya held in Guadalajarasince this type of event represents for some companies up to 30 percent of these annual sales.

“The truth is an expectation that we already have very important for the end of the year, for which we consider an economic recovery by the end of 2022 of 100 percent of what we had prior to the pandemic,” he said.

Jewel Expo.  (Photo: Special)
Jewel Expo. (Photo: Special)

For next year plan to grow the Mexican pavilion at the JCK Las Vegas fair in number of exhibitors, in addition to attending fairs in countries such as Hong Kong and Chile.

“I already had talks with the Secretary of Economy of Jalisco so that he can support us to make a commercial tour to Chile in 2023 and in this way be able to diversify a bit all the exports we have,” he commented.

In this context, he pointed out that The United States continues to be its best customer with 95 percent in the export of jewelry; the rest is divided into markets such as Dubai, Guatemala and Italy.

Jewel Expo.  (Photo: Special)
Jewel Expo. (Photo: Special)

On the other hand, Álvaro Azpeitia Covarrubias pointed out that the high levels of inflation They are not of great concern to the sector because although they are aware that this problem reduces the purchasing power of families, they still have raw materials to work with and consider that there is demand.

They explained that currently the price of gold remains stable in the world, “this allows us to continue designing jewelry and sustaining prices so that consumers can be encouraged to buy.”


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