germs from nuts


Werner Bartens

The start in life is anything but sterile. On its way into the world, a baby comes into contact with millions and millions of germs. However, the passage through the bacterial flora of the birth canal is by no means considered threatening, but – on the contrary – as strengthening and protective. The baby absorbs the mother’s bacteria during birth and develops its own microbiome on this basis, i.e. a variety of germs in the intestine, on the skin and elsewhere. Ideally, an optimal bacterial mix protects against illness, stabilizes the metabolism and digestion and protects against obesity. Precautions are taken in some clinics so that children who are born by caesarean section can also enjoy this. A compress or cloth is placed inside the mother’s vagina during the caesarean section. The newborn is dabbed with the secretion obtained there soon after birth in order to transmit the favorable germs in this way.

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