From Russia to the world! Solomon Ibragimov, the young man who came to the US at the age of 15 and now leads a jewelry store

Solomon Ibragimov moved to the United States from Russia when she was just 15 years old. His father, who was involved in the jewelry industry, took it to work one day and immediately fell in love with jewelry.

This allowed Solomon Ibragimov to put his hustle to the test. Without However, he insists that he would be “nobody” if he had not improved his leadership skills before to start her own jewelry business.

Solomon Ibragimov believes that impactful leadership is invaluable when running a business. Having worked with his father, he witnessed firsthand the essential traits that a good leader You must show to be successful.

“Humility is a key attribute on the path to leadership, as it opens the mind to a world of possibilities,” says Ibragimov.

He insists that arrogance makes one think they are the best and as a result they cannot be open to new ideas. In addition, he emphasizes that humility improves your ability to better listen to others without in a hurry to turn them off and without even knowing what what they have to say

Solomon Ibragimov’s passion for his craft and dedication to providing the best experience to Your clients are visible in your success and in the excellent customer reviews. That’s why who believes that customer satisfaction is always should be the number one focus of a entrepreneur to achieve sustained success through long term.

For El Russo & Co, the client is not just someone who is going to buy your jewelry, but a real person who would become a friend and loyal business partner. Ibragimov has cultivated customer relations carefully and, over the years, has built a loyal repertoire of consumers.

El’s team Russo & Co is unmatched in its service to the customer, and it is this quality that makes the customers come back time and time again. Growth is not an isolated event, but a continuous process, believes Solomon Ibragimov.

“To the ensure customer satisfaction, companies can increase their reliability. The loyalty and reliability, together with a quality and exceptional passion, are those that facilitate the growth. In the long term, starting a family of customers help businesses grow consistently and comfortably with a good reputation and image, ”he explains.


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