Becoming a real estate agent: does it pay well and should you do it?

Choosing a particular career when you’re younger can lead to you being quite happy with the decisions you’ve made and the work you’re doing. However, it can lead to regretting your choice and trying to make certain changes.

Changing careers, or at least the idea of ​​doing so, often leads people to consider the real estate industry, not only because they believe it can pay well, but also because of the skills that can be learned. Then there are those who immediately know what they want and enter this industry without first entering some others and trying their luck.

While skills can be learned, you need to be ready and willing to actually learn them and advance your knowledge as much as you can if you want to work in this industry, whether you’re changing careers or starting your first one right away. . If you don’t have enough knowledge about how things work in this business, all your efforts can stop the moment you run into a problem.

Giving up after the first release is not the best move, however, so it’s important to learn how things are done and acquire the necessary skills if you want to join this industry. That’s what agents need, in case you’re still wondering.

Going into any kind of career without knowing a few important things about it is also not a good idea.

Understanding what your responsibilities would be when you become a real estate agent, as well as the benefits of the business, is crucial, as it helps you understand all the benefits of working as an agent, as well as how hard you will have to work and what steps you will have to take. you undertake to build a business and practically build a name for yourself. Since you’re not familiar with any of the responsibilities, chances are you’ll get stuck on your first try here and realize you might not be cut out for the job.

However, being cut out for a job is not a criteria to use when deciding whether you should do it, as it is something people learn to do, not something they are born with. Skills are very attainable and you just have to put in the effort to acquire them and learn as much as you can.

However, it’s not something you want to do before you first check to see if becoming a real estate agent pays good money and if you should even start down the road to becoming one in the first place. These are the questions I will answer below.

Does this pay well?

If you are used to a fixed income and a fixed amount that you will receive month after month, you can always rely on and never wonder how much you will earn this month, then you will have to completely change your mindset to become a successful real estate agent. Why? Because their income is often not fixed and depends on many different factors, including the number of hours you work per day, your niche and even your experience.

Depending on these factors, income can vary a lot, and it is also not uncommon for one person to earn a different amount this month than the previous one, because the success of their work also affects real income.

If you’re wondering if this is the right career path for you, this should help you decide:

As mentioned, your income will depend on a number of different factors, including the number of hours you will actually work. Longer hours usually equate to more money, and those agents who put in 40 to 50 hours a week can expect to earn up to $120,000, with that number rising to $180,000 for those who work even longer.

Burnout, however, is a real danger, and it’s something you want to avoid, which is why you need to look for a good balance of working hours and income, deciding what to prioritize, when to work longer and when to simply take a break and refresh.

Years of experience also affect the average salary of a real estate agent, with the more experienced earning more than the less experienced. If you’ve been in the industry for about a year, you can’t expect your income to be the same as a professional who’s been an agent for, say, 10+ years.

This is just a reason to try harder and stick with this career, knowing that the more experienced you are, the more you will earn, but always remember that these other factors also affect income.

Niche is one of them. Working in the residential real estate industry will likely make you less money than working in the commercial part of the industry. Selling houses will earn you a lower commission than selling certain commercial properties that will cost more to begin with. Property management and affordable housing tend to have people earning lower incomes, while luxury real estate and green real estate are at the higher end of the spectrum.

Telling you exactly how much you will earn as a real estate agent is therefore impossible, as it depends on a number of factors, such as the niche you will choose, the hours you will put into it and the effort you will put into building your experience, as well as your reputation and become a notable name in the industry.

Costs, as explained on Krista Mashora’s website, also play a role in your earnings, as do the fees you will set for your services. Taking all these factors into consideration, it could be said that the average annual salary of a real estate agent is around $50,000.

Depending on the choices you make and how hard you are willing to work, the number may be higher or lower. When you want it to be bigger, you will have to invest in marketing and slowly build your own brand, become recognizable and increase the number of clients, and thus the income.

Should you become a real estate agent?

When thinking about becoming a real estate agent, you’ll consider income, but you’ll also think about other important things, trying to determine if you’re up to the task and would really enjoy this career, or if it just isn’t your cup of tea. It’s not easy to determine without actually trying this path, but you can talk to other agents to hear their experiences and get them to reveal not only their secrets of the trade, but also their level of satisfaction, explaining how rewarding this business can be, not only monetary.

Listening to other people, learning about the industry in general, gaining the necessary skills and trying your luck… All these things will help you determine if this is the best career path for you and if you are looking for a dynamic and exciting job that offers great earning potential , you will definitely love the real estate industry.

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